St. Javelin

The current war in Ukraine also has its seculo-religious traits, like the symbolism of “St. Javelin.” Javelin is an anti-tank missile launcher, called the “protector of Ukraine,” a sort of patron saint, or rather the Holy Virgin herself, at least that is how she’s usually depicted:

This is a typical postmodern case of mixing so-called “secular” and “religious” elements, “sacred” and “profane”, whatever. Its essence exactly is that you cannot tell whether it should be taken ironically or seriously, as a parody of religiosity or as a new form of it that also expresses an attachment to the tradition. And in this case, which tradition: the tradition of Orthodoxy, or to the national tradition, or are these completely inseparable? The fact that the symbol is already omnipresent in the social media, on T-shirts and posters, and consequently on many commercial websites as well also demonstrates how contemporary “secular religiosity” (or non-secular non-religiosity, which makes about just as much as sense) is a combination of many cults like that of the nation, the fatherland, art, the media, or the market.