This site is about my two big topics, majority tyranny and secular religions. The core idea of majority tyranny is that democratic rule may be just oppressive as any other (or maybe worse, since the tyrant is more powerful). This idea has been with us from the time of Plato to the critics of Brexit in 2016. See more here: Tyranny of the majority.

The theory of secular religions treats self-professedly secular belief systems or political ideologies as analogous to traditional religions. It may not be obvious to everyone, for example, that the democratic idea of “the majority” (which is almost always identified with “the People”) as a sort of “large person” who thinks and acts is just as transcendent as that of God. Moses at least saw the back of God, but no one has ever seen such a thing as a People. Further reading: Secular religions.

I may add other topics later on, but so far enjoy just that much!